Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Saw 2 Exclusive Full Movie

Remember, Google Video Latest is the site to visit to get the latest hot videos. Today I am bringing you to a link to the full length motion picture of Saw 2 found on Google Video. Let your friends know that this is the site to get the best links.

Watch it while you can as I don't imagine it will be up for a while. There is one other major motion picture up for free on Google Video that I will post in the next few days.

Jigsaw locks a few unlucky people in a booby trapped shelter and they must find a way out before they inhale too much of a lethal nerve gas and die. But they must watch out, for the traps Jigsaw has set in the shelter lead to death also in this sequel to the very scary Saw.

As always, you can view the video here at Google Videos or visit the actual page by clicking on the image to the left.


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